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      3. 條幅廣告

        關于羅蘭  About Roland

        • 2006年,羅蘭誕生在世界家具之都-廣東佛山,致力于木門、衣柜、墻板的研發、生產和營銷。





        • In 2006, Roland was born in Foshan, Guangdong province, which is the

          international furniture capital. Roland devotes itself to the research,

          development, production and marketing of timber doors, wardrobes and


          Roland has two modern factories which produce timber doors and wardrobes.

          The floorage of the two factories is 30000m2. Roland has agents in more 

          than 200 cities in China.

          Roland became the cooperation partner of German Pavilion in Shanghai

          World Expo depending on its German-style quality and it challenged German

          fastidiousness of quality. Roland was reported in the news of which the title

          is “Environmental Cooperation between Chinese and Germany Enterprises”

        • by CCTV in China news channel and it received high praise. As the cooperation

          partner of Christine, a five-star hotel in Luoyang, Roland won Luban Prize

          which is the highest honor of Chinese construction engineering quality.

          Roland has a design soul with international vision and it combines life

          aesthetics and carpentry craft perfectly. The design concept of Roland is

          inherited with innovation design which is difficult to be transcended. Roland

          becomes a home furnishing brand with the best design taste in China

          depending on its Italian-style design.

          The vision “Space of love, Roland customization!” is the core value advocated 

          and insisted on by Roland for the realization of mission.